Air pump repair and modification

My cheapo air pump failed. I had thought to replace it with something one that lets you set the desired pressure and auto stops when the desired pressure is met. However I ended up repairing and modifying the existing unit to provide some of the desired features.

Air pump with added led light turner on.
Air pump with added led light turner on.

The automatic type pumps often have the benefit of a back lit display, which would be handy in the underground parking area, which is where I normally where I use the air pump.

The cheapo pump does not have any illumination and I normally have to use the touch output of my mobile phone to see the pressure gauge.

The pump also lacks a switch, so when the pressure is about right I have to lean in through the car to disconnect it from the power socket.

The UK was in lock down so a trip to buy a pump when I could possibly repair the existing one seemed wrong.

The repair itself was simple. It turned out the ground wire had broken off inside the 12 volt connector. There was zero strain relief inside the connector, so I added a cable tie and a little superglue to make a strain relief.

If I was still going to use this pump then I wanted to fit some kind of light. I figured I would us a white led of some kind. I was looking around for the best place to mount it and noted what looked like a 5mm led mounting. I assume that the pump might have a lit and unlit option.

The other feature I wanted to add was a switch of some kind. I salvaged a rocker switch with 5 amp at 120 volt contacts on it from a dead piece of electronics. I had to cut out a suitable hole the press mounted switch. The current offload is around 4.5 amps, so I think it will be okay but it could fail.